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Welcome To Eureka

Science Rules All

27 December
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I got a few names from there, but that's about it.

Welcome to the town of Eureka. Founded by mad scientist Dr. Fredrick Albert Klein, Eureka has a long history of mad science activity. When Dr. Calvin Klein, the latest mad scientist, met an untimely end, the citizens thought they were free. Little did they know that a new Mad GIRL was entering the local college. . . .

Eureka: The heart of the town, occupied currently by three central families -- the Carters, the Tannens, and the Smiths. There's also Dr. Klein's now-orphaned construct, Allison Jones.
Transylvania Polygnostic University: Affectionally called "Trans Poly U" by those educated there. A Mad Scientist college that has associated itself with Eureka. New students include Miss Emma Heterobach and Mr. Emmett Brown.
Mad Hill Valley: Eureka's downtown, which has dealt with a number of Mad Scientists. Modeled after a Californian town made famous by time travel research.
Narbonics: Eureka's shopping district, a tract of land bought from a Miss Helen Narbon when she was forced to change lairs.

Custom Content Notes:
Basic Concept
This neighborhood is being run off of my personal Mad Scientist Challenge, a variant on the Royal Kingdom Challenge.
-->Victorian Clothing: By All About Style and the Age of Steam Sims project by serendipityhq.
Careers and Majors:
-->The Time Travel Career (Teen, Adult, and Pet): By SuperFly at ModTheSims2.
-->The Time Travel Major: By SuperFly at ModTheSims2.
-->Emma's Hairstyles: By HelgaSims, for the most part.
-->Additional Hairs: By HelgaSims and Aligeth on Mod the Sims 2.
-->Furry and "Plant" Skins: by Genensims (the plant skin is actually a lizard skin).
-->Furry Accessories: by Genensims with original meshes by Atreya at ModTheSims2.
-->Tesla Coil: By wintermuteai1 at ModTheSims2.
-->Hacked Typewriter: By anonymoose_au.
-->Painting Recolors: By my_sims_reality (flowers) and anonymoose_au (CollegeDoc pictures).
-->Decorative DeLorean: By DBCAB on Mod The Sims 2.
-->Driveable DeLorean: By Tre Zillah on Mod The Sims 2.
-->Various Steampunky Objects: Various creators at Mod The Sims 2.
-->General Hacks: By Pescado's crew at More Awesome Than You and TwoJeffs.
-->Downtown Foods: By Squinge at InSIMenator.
-->Other Foods: By exnem, topetto, pacotacoplayer, AbstractSIMmer187, and FoxieRoxieNYC at Mod The Sims 2. Mostly.

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mooseys_sims -- a BTTF-related Sims LJ. My friend Moose is basically doing the history of Hill Valley, starting with Seamus, Maggie, and William McFly. The Baines, Stricklands, Browns, and other various families also make appearances.
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revison_doc -- another BTTF-related Sims LJ -- in fact, it's my own. This one is written by Emmett Von Braun of Twin Oaks Park, in an extreme AU take on some familiar BTTF characters. Expect alien abductions, robots, vampires, and all sorts of other weirdness.